New features → 3rd alpha

Since the previous alpha release (2nd alpha), I have been working on some new parts of the game, such as:

  • Dynamic game balancing (experimental)
  • Hit-feedback

Here is a preview of the dynamic game balancing

The dynamic game balancing (or dynamic rank system) is a work in progress feature that adapts the difficuty according to how the player is playing. Almost everything you are doing (combo, item usage, death, ...) in game can dynamically modify its difficulty. This feature is experimental and will be integrated in the beta version.

When you shoot an enemy, you didn't have the possibility to know if the enemy is destroyable. Actually, every enemies are destroyable.  But some of them have more health. 

That is why I integrated a kind of health bar above them, as you can see in those images


You have also taken a notice that there is this little point on the ship. It's the hitbox.

I 'am also working on integrating a "flash" effect on enemies when they get hit, modifying some sound effects and fixing graphical coherence issues.

These features will be integrated in the 3rd alpha.

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