Target Xplosion — 3rd alpha


It's been a while since the second alpha  was released. I have improved the game in the meantime, and now, I can publish the 3rd demo.

Hit-feedback + boss pattern

Some of you had trouble keeping track of your health. To be honest, I had it too. So I integrated a visual feedback (flash effect on the player) and an audio feedback.

I also integrated the flash effect on ennemies, so you will be able to know if you hit them.

I refactorized the pattern of the second and third boss, so the player can be less frustrated.


The game suffered from less graphical coherence. So, I removed some sprite and made my own graphical assets in order to give my game its own identity.

Please take a look on this devblog to get more information.

Next step

I started thinking about localizing the game. It is very important to do that because I am targetting a very large audience.  I made a french localization, but I will need people to translate the game in other language.  I created a repository that will contain translations.

I also think it is time to start making new levels. The game will contains 5 levels. I already made artworks of enemies. Those levels will be made into in the beta version. The dynamic rank system will be also integrated.  Don't hesitate to give me feedback on the current alpha, so I can improve it again. 


Gumichan01-Target_Xplosion-v0.5.2-linux-debian.tar.gz 64 MB
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Nov 01, 2017

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