Target Xplosion 4th alpha (0.5.3)


I didn't posted anything since the last release, or the last devblog... I was very busy during those last months, so I couldn't work on the fourth level as expected. Instead, I focused my work on some improvements:

  • Ouranos' patterns (the third boss)
  • Complete Gamepad support


The last patterns of the third boss are harder in comparison with what you got in the previous alpha, because in this level, you have a very powerful item in the game (the bomb).

Gamepad Support

The game already has gamepad support, but it wasn't complete. Indeed, you couldn't change how you control the ship. In this version, this problem has been fixed.


I decided to only published the Windows version of this alpha, because the Linux version  has several bugs I don't have on Windows.

Next step

I will work on the 4th level.

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May 26, 2018

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