Target Xplosion 5th alpha (0.5.4)


It's time to bring news from Target Xplosion.

First of all, I am still working on the game. Second of all, I haven't started to implement the 4th  level, even if the artworks and enemy desing are (almost) done, on paper. Creating and designing a level is a real full time job, and unfortunately, I don't have this full time job anymore, because I am in an internship (T_T) at a consulting company (I will quit that bullshit company at the end of september \(^.^)/).


This new update is more or less a set of  bug fixes related to the window resolution, and a big update of the engine. During those last months, I often refactorized/rebuilt the library used as the core of the game engine. Today, I can tell you that the core of the game is stable and should not change a lot until the final release. That's to say I can focus on the game, and only the game.

I could have the time to integrate force feedback, so you can have a better gaming experience with your gamepad. By the way, an Xbox controller is recommended, but any gamepad can be used properly.

What's next?

I am working on the next "minor" version of the game -> v0.6.0.

The dynamic rank system is still experimental, it will be fully integrated when I think it is ready.

You can check the roadmap here.

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Aug 20, 2018

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